Spiti Valley, including Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, September 2019: A trip report

Author: Ravi Kailas Breathtaking (a touch of altitude sickness induced pun intended), the apt adjective for my visit to the high altitude, the trans-Himalayan cold desert region of Spiti, in September last year. As is typical on my trips, the focus was on the region\’s wildlife and I had great hopes for plenty of HimalayanContinue reading “Spiti Valley, including Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, September 2019: A trip report”

Comet Neowise from a Chennai terrace part 2

Author: Ravi Kailas (ficustours@gmail.com) After making a post on my first sighting of Comet Neowise, on Thursday, 23rd July, the sky was clear enough (relatively speaking, but not before a typically dramatic (see video below), July evening cloud build-up in the western sky, threatening a black-out) for another attempt at imaging the comet, on Friday,Continue reading “Comet Neowise from a Chennai terrace part 2”

Comet Neowise from a Chennai terrace

Author: Ravi Kailas The barely discernible Comet Neowise in the only image I managed to capture, before the clouds took over An unusually (relatively speaking) clear July sky over Chennai (13N 80 E) yesterday evening (21/07/2020), prompted me to drag my behemoth 8″ Dobsonian telescope onto the terrace, to enjoy the spectacles that the summerContinue reading “Comet Neowise from a Chennai terrace”

Astrophotography – Imaging the Deep Sky splendours (Part 2)

Author: Ravi Kailas (ficustours@gmail.com) This is a follow-up to the basics post (which might be of interest if you are just starting out on this pursuit and looking to experiment with the gamut of subjects). In this post I will elaborate on my work flow to photographing the faint deep sky subjects (Nebulae, Milky Way regions, Galaxies,Continue reading “Astrophotography – Imaging the Deep Sky splendours (Part 2)”

Astrophotography (from one amateur to others) Part 1 – The Basics

Author: Ravi Kailas (ficustours@gmail.com) The Genesis Among the privileges of visiting natural areas is the potential to gaze at dark night skies and the countless pinpoints of light that fill it. On good nights, this can be a truly mesmerising experience, that touches the depths of your soul! While I have been smitten by these celestialContinue reading “Astrophotography (from one amateur to others) Part 1 – The Basics”