About Us

We are specialists in guided natural history, bird and wildlife watching travel through India. Our itineraries include tropical & temperate monsoon forests, grasslands, wetlands and desert wildernesses, harbouring incredibly rich birdlife (over 1200 species), considerable mammal diversity (including Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, One-horned Rhinoceros and endemic primates) and myriad representations from other groups of animals and plants – many of them found nowhere else in the world.

India is a vast country with an enviable diversity of natural areas in its far flung corners. Our wide range of itineraries cover key natural locations within the country’s fascinating ecoregions and are optimised for natural history interests, travel comfort, safety and ecotourism principles

Why Travel with us
  • Local operators with in-depth insights into the natural history and travel logistics of the ecoregion
  • Quality guiding by experienced, English speaking naturalists
  • Small company with minimal overheads and value-for-money pricing
  • Adherence to ecotourism and responsible travel criteria by: 
    • Limiting groups sizes to within 10 persons per tour
    • Employing local people as support staff and choosing accommodations and travel partners who do the same
    • Choosing accommodations which use environmentally friendly technologies, where possible
    • Providing clients with precise and updated information on local conditions (weather, political, health) as relevant to their travel plans

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