Upcoming Trip: Explore the southern Western Ghats in the Periyar Wildlife Landscape


19th to 22nd November 2015
Itinerary Outline
Day 1: AM transfer from Cochin to Thekkady. PM (evening or night) Trek in Thekkady, as well as boat safari if available
Day 2 & 3: Early AM departure to Gavi on Day 2 and two full days exploring this wildlife rich location
Day 4: After AM activity and breakfast, depart to Cochin for a PM arrival
INR 20,000/person (Inclusive of Transport, Accommodation on Twin Share, Meals in Gavi, Naturalist, Guided Activities and Entrance Fees)

Asiatic Elephant in the Periyar Landscape
As the summer monsoon makes way to ‘winter’, we welcome you to our (almost) annual exploration of monsoon forests in and around the Periyar Tiger Reserve in November. This wildlife rich landscape of the southern Western Ghats, is particularly known for large congregations of Asiatic Elephant and Gaur – but also a healthy, moderately visible, numbers of  Tiger and Leopard – among its large mammals. One could also come across specialities of the Western Ghats – Lion-tailed Macaque around Gavi and other rarities like Brown Mongoose, Brown Palm Civet and perhaps even the highly elusive Nilgiri Marten! Of course, some of these animals are strictly nocturnal, but, luckily, this is where the unique opportunity for a night walk in Thekkady provides the requisite conditions! 
Lion-tailed Macaque, Gavi

Birdlife is excellent, as is typical for mid-altitude Western Ghats locations in south India. Great Hornbill, Wynaad Laugh Thrush, White-Bellied Treepie, Rufous Babbler, Malabar Barbet, Blue-bearded Beeeater …. a moderate effort of birding can get you a sizeable list of local specialities and rarities, with more than a dash of colour included. Potential for winter migrants like Indian Pitta, various Flycatchers and Warblers add to what should be an impressive list from a relaxed birding effort.
Great Pied Hornbill
Asian Fairy Bluebird
Brown-breasted Flycatcher
Flowers of the Cullenia exarillata – an important food source in these monsoon forests

Almost our entire exploration will be on foot, offering an intimate experience of the jungle and an opportunity to appreciate the the impressive biodiversity of these locations – including of smaller creatures, like butterflies, frogs, fungi, flora ….. . The matrix of forest, plantation and grasslands are not just scenic backdrop to the wildlife at Gavi, but also enhance visibility, unlike in theunidimensional environment, under a dense forest canopy. 

Rainforest Frog
Common Map 
Our local tribal guides – involved in a commendable ecotourism promoted by the local authorities – will enrich our experience with their insights and observations of their forest home.

As always, this tour is for a small group (max 6 persons + 1 accompanying naturalist) with an emphasis on a relaxed, ecologically friendly approach to wildlife viewing. We stay in a quaint resort at Thekkady on the first night of our itinerary and move onto a well located forest accommodation at Gavi (either in Swiss tents or Rooms depending on availability) for the next two nights. Accommodation will be on twin share, with en-suite facilities. Food will be simple, largely local affairs, especially in Gavi, while more options are available in Thekkady.

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