Report: Wildlife of Kaziranga NP, March 2015 – A pictorial report

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Welcome to all our first time readers (the only kind, since this is our first post), to join us in experiencing, appreciating and to help conserve our considerable, irreplaceable, natural heritage. As a brief introduction, we are a specialist nature travel company for guided birdwatching, wildlife watching and natural history oriented travel to India’s (with plans in neighboring countries) fascinating natural areas. We look forward to engaging with readers of the blog with the latest on our upcoming trips, trip reports and any other information of interest to natural history travel enthusiasts. Please do visit our website and Facebook Page for related information

The iconic One-horned (Indian) Rhinoceros in Kaziranga’s Western Zone

Our first post on this blog is a pictorial report from a natural history oriented guided trip to the superb flood plains of the Bramhaputra at Kaziranga National Park in Assam from 18th to 21st March 2015. We visited all the major ranges from the extreme west in the little visited (by tourists) forested hills of the Bura Pahar Range to the extreme East to an area where the Bramhaputra defines the park boundary.
Blessed with the abundance that spring brings with it, we saw fantastic congregations of large mammals, Hoolock Gibbon (India’s only Ape) and excellent birds including Great Hornbill, Green-billed Malkoha, Blue-bearded Beeeater, Jerdon’s Baza, Pallas Fish Eagle and Swamp Francolin among others. An enjoyable trip to a park that has to try very hard to disappoint!

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