Wildlife of Sri Lanka December 2016 – a pictorial report

Dear AllWe invite you to view our pictorial report https://goo.gl/photos/csQfD5FyBjRHq9LE6 from a natural history oriented trip to southern Sri Lanka – marine mammal watching in the nutrient rich Indian ocean off the south coast, followed by a visit to the dry coastal forests of Yala National Park – the nation’s most popular park for its abundant wildlife. Highlights includedContinue reading “Wildlife of Sri Lanka December 2016 – a pictorial report”

Report: Wildlife of Corbett NP and Kumaon April 2016

A pictorial report from a natural history oriented trip, primarily with highlights from visits to the Rajaji (Chilla Range) and Corbett National Parks (day visit in the Durga Devi Zone and overnight at the dormitary at the superbly located Sarapduli resthouse in the Dhikala Zone) in the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand. Sightings included the big threeContinue reading “Report: Wildlife of Corbett NP and Kumaon April 2016”

Report: Wildlife of Kaziranga NP, March 2015 – A pictorial report

Hello all Welcome to all our first time readers (the only kind, since this is our first post), to join us in experiencing, appreciating and to help conserve our considerable, irreplaceable, natural heritage. As a brief introduction, we are a specialist nature travel company for guided birdwatching, wildlife watching and natural history oriented travel toContinue reading “Report: Wildlife of Kaziranga NP, March 2015 – A pictorial report”